182: The perfect day

Just a few days ago, I had the perfect work day... It was made up of creation time, strategic thinking, and just 2 hours of necessary calls.

My work day ended early when I was done with my list for the day. And I proceeded to then practice piano, read a book, and relax with my wife.

Getting to this point of having such an ideal work day has taken years.
But the challenge hasn't been in finally being able to afford it.

The challenge is in self-discipline.

Getting yourself to an ideal work day is probably not as hard as you think it will be, but it does require you to be disciplined about your schedule, the decisions you make, and the responsibilities you give your team.

And most of all, it requires you to discipline yourself.

Once you build the freedom of a perfect day, your biggest enemy is your own self who will somehow find a way to screw it up or add more work on your plate.

Getting to your perfect day requires you to build that vision of that day in your mind, and then consistently work toward it making it a little bit more of a reality each week.

Sometimes that means not pushing for bigger, bigger, bigger.
But instead pushing for freedom of time as a priority instead of rapid growth.