183: Why are you in a hurry?

Physicist Stephen Hawking was known for encouraging his students to look at his work in the long-term view and consistently encouraging students to explore hobbies like music and socializing.

And Stephen Hawking ended up accomplishing quite a few amazing things with his life.

He didn't rush it, despite the fact that he faced immense physical trauma. But instead, took his time, enjoyed life and did the best work he could.

So why are you in a hurry?
Why are you rushing to hit that next goal and objective?
Why are you pushing personal passions aside to work more hours?

Is it really worth it?

Try thinking about the long-term view,
And what you actually want out of life.

Think about what you can accomplish in 10 years, instead of 10 weeks.

When you start thinking about the long-term view, you realize there is no need to hurry.
Do great work every day.
Over time, that work compounds into great accomplishments and results.

You can do great work and have balance in your life too.