185: The Trust Battery

The CEO of Shopify coined a concept he calls "The Trust Battery." Whenever a new team member is hired, their trust battery is at a 50% charge.

Each interaction you have with that team member going forward either charges or drains that battery.

Deliver late or produce poor quality work? Drain the charge.
Over-deliver or exceed expectations? Add more trust to the charge!

It's a simple visual concept that helps you think through the interpersonal dynamics with team members.

When something isn't going well with a team member, it's rarely an isolated incident. Instead, it's a series of small incidents, one after another, that lead to a place of not trusting the team member.

This simple metaphor can be used to coach team members, and to even help yourself get more clear about where you stand on the interpersonal relationships with each team member.

But don't let your batteries get low...

When you see that happening, you are either failing as a manager, or the team member is simply not a fit.