186: Evolutions of a leader

As an entrepreneur, most of us start off by doing everything ourselves.
Then we begin to delegate tasks to others, but everything still comes back to us.

Over time, we begin to assign responsibilities. We let people determine and mange their own set of tasks.

Eventually, we empower others to own the outcomes. They are responsible for making creative decisions to achieve business targets.

With each level of this evolution, you must evolve as a leader.

You must acknowledge the differing challenges that come with each level and do what you can to prepare yourself.

This is because a lack of growing as a leader, as your organization evolves, will put a glass-ceiling on your company's growth.

Leadership is hard.
And it gets harder as you evolve in your role as a leader.

The key to succeeding is to ensure you keep evolving as an individual.
When you stop growing, so will your company.