187: Attack your weaknesses

As an entrepreneur, there are a lot of skills you need to master-

Finances, marketing, leadership, writing, sales, project management, technology, systems...

And the hard truth is that you can't be amazing at all of these.

You will be weak in some areas, no matter what.

Entrepreneurs are forced into this "jack of all trades" role where they need to be competent in all areas of their business.

Yet most entrepreneurs just accept areas of weakness... They say:

"I'm not a systems person, I'm more creative."
"I'm not good at sales, I'm more operational."
"I'm a big picture thinker, I'm not detail-oriented."

While you may have certain strengths that are inherent to who you are, you can't just ignore those weaknesses.

Instead, you can strategically choose to level yourself up in each of those areas.

You don't need to become a master in your areas of weakness, but you should consider reading a book or two to level-up your mindset in this area.

Even if you don't take over the work in this area of weakness, spending time to study and learn more about it will help you better manage others you hire into these roles.

Attack your weaknesses and fill those education gaps.
Otherwise you will leave massive blind spots open that stunt the growth of your entrepreneurial pursuits.