188: Set your team up for success

"I'm beginning to doubt if it was a good idea to bring them on..."
This is what I told my operations director one week during our time together.

I had brought on a new team member, and I was starting to get concerned whether it was a good decision or not.
Our costs went up with the hire, but we weren't seeing any business results from it.

After journaling and contemplating on the matter, I came to a simple reason why they weren't working out...

They just didn't know how to succeed in their role.

I had brought on this new team member and left them sitting for almost 2 months without clarity on their role.
They were incredibly intelligent, but I had failed as a leader to define what success was for them.

The key to making your team effective is simple.

Give them a clear vision of how to succeed and win in their role.
Give them metrics to follow, targets to hit, and defined responsibilities.

When you make this crystal clear for someone, they now have something to work toward.
They turn from a floundering individual, to a well-aligned and effective team member.

You must let them know how to succeed in their role.