189: Challenge your team

"What I want is to push my skills and grow into new and more challenging roles than I have been in before."

"I've always worked as a part of a team, but never really led one before. I want to become a leader."

These are actual quotes and comments from team members who I manage, and in these quotes you see a trend that is common among creatives.

The desire to be challenged...

If you do a good job hiring quality candidates, then your team member is going to desire to be challenged. They are going to want to grow and evolve.

But you must balance this without putting them into complete chaos or situations where they fail.

Your job as a leader is to balance the chaos and order of your team.

With too much order, they will leave due to lack of challenge and advancement.
With too much chaos, they will leave because they can't actually succeed or keep a decent balance in their life.

As the entrepreneur, you control the throttle of your company.
You control the chaos and order in the workplace.

Challenge your team to grow, but protect them from chaos.