191: Understanding distribution

For years, I have heard experienced entrepreneurs say, "If you have a good offer, good operations, and good distribution, then you are set."

That "distribution" piece never really made sense to me though... it seemed analogous to marketing.

But as I've matured in my entrepreneurial career, I've learned to understand it.

Distribution is essentially strategic partnerships at the max.

It's the idea that instead of selling hundreds of new customers individually, you build a few key relationships that enable you to get your product in front of hundreds or thousands of customers at once.

Lead Cookie was built by selling our way up customer by customer, with a few small strategic partners along the way.

My new venture, Content Allies, is a bit different. I'm first focused on building a strong and sound operational model.

This is because at the same time, I am in the works on a few "distribution" deals that will immediately get our offer in front of thousands of prospects at once.

If you want to build and grow faster, start thinking about "distribution" instead of just marketing.