193: Hindsight bias

Looking backwards, it's easy to try and draw trends to our success. To look for patterns or proven things that worked.

We all do it when we look at ourselves.
Or when we look at others.

Because the truth is that most success does come from following patterns that have been proven to work before and applying them in new ways.

But hindsight bias gets dangerous when we start applying everything to it...

"I succeeded because of this."
"This was my approach and this is why it worked."
"Here's my proven 7-step framework to becoming a millionaire..."

Hindsight bias is a core problem with why the video course industry is bullshit.

People have some success and then they try to teach others.
But they fail to realize that it's more than what they teach that led to their success.

It could be their unique situations and a bit of luck that led to success.

Sure, patterns may help.
But patterns aren't everything.

So keep your eyes peeled for hindsight bias... it's everywhere.