194: Between order and chaos

Your entire life and entrepreneurial career operates between two poles: order & chaos.

On one side, you have order. This is when everything is lined up in perfect rows, is predictable, and runs smoothly.

On the other side, you have chaos. This is when thrashing, urgent fires, and changing plans live.

Too much order, you grow stale and bored.
Too much chaos, you will go crazy with burnout.

The key is to straddle the line-

To introduce periods of chaos which is the source of evolution.
But then to pull the chaos and bring it back into order.

For example, when your business reaches a stable predictable place of order, that is great.

But then it may be time to look at adding a new marketing channel, or a new service, or product line.

How can you strategically add a small amount of chaos back in that leads to growth without throwing the whole organization into madness?

Strategically balancing the line between order and chaos-
This is how you evolve as an entrepreneur, but keep your sanity at the same time.