195: Plan, Do, Check, Act

When was the last time you really stopped to evaluate "how" you do the work that you do?

When you kick off a project with your team… Or roll out a new marketing initiative.

For most of us, we just dive in and do the work. But rarely do we think about the structure on how we do the work.

Recently, I started studying the management practice of Scrum as a way to manage software projects, as well as the overall initiatives for my companies.

Scrum operates on a simple concept.

Plan - Gather as a team and build a plan for the work you are going to do.
Do - Put your head down and do the work.
Check - Evaluate what went well and what didn't with the work.
Act - Re-enter the cycle based upon the new information gathered.

For myself, I know for years I just lived in "Plan" and "Do.” Sometimes I would check the work and evaluate, but it was on an as-needed basis and not as a standard practice when I initiated a new process.

But the simple idea of checking how you are doing once it is going, and then iterating and improving in ongoing cycles, is a simple mindset shift that is guaranteed to improve the quality of your work.

Plan, Do, Check, Act.

It's simple.