197: What kind of CEO are you?

Greg Crabtree is one of the leading financial minds among small businesses today, and recently his firm did a study where they analyzed all of their clients to evaluate who was profitable and who wasn't.

What they found was quite interesting...

90% of companies that are profitable and achieve at least a 5% year-over-year growth are run by a sales-focused CEO. This means the individual who runs the company enjoys sales and thrives in that role.

Even though these CEOs were not operations-focused, they were able to learn these skills or hire this out more easily than the second group.

On the flip side, the opposite proved true.

90% of companies that were stagnant and not achieving growth were run by operations-focused CEOs. These individuals often tried to hire out a leadership sales role, time and time again, and yet failed over and over.

The operations-focused CEOs who did succeed were the ones who took their operational mindset and applied it to building marketing and sales systems that delivered their desired results.

They took their strength and turned it into a weakness.

What kind of CEO are you?
Does sales get you excited?
Or have you failed to hire someone to take over sales and marketing for your company multiple times?