200: Do it right the first time

"Don't half-ass it. Do it right the first time." This is a motto that my dad repeated to me over and over and over again through life.

He would say, "Fix it now or you are just going to be tripping and fumbling over it for weeks to come."

As a teenager, my rebellious self didn't like to listen much, but over time, I began to see the value in this simple life lesson.

Whenever you do something in business, it's easy to just fly through it to try to get the work done.
Or to see a small problem but leave it to be fixed later.

It may feel more productive to move on to new things, but it will come back to bite you.

In Jeff Sutherland's book on Scrum, he cites research they actually did on this.

They ran two separate efficiency tests.

For one group, software developers had to test their code daily and fix any bugs that were created that same day. On average, developers spent 1 hour per day fixing their code.

For the second group, software developers would test their code in batches every 3 weeks and ignored bugs until then. On average, it took developers 24 WORKING HOURS PER BUG when they went back to fix it.

They didn't do it right the first time, and as a result, they had to interrupt their workflow to go back and get in the flow. And since they didn't fix it early, the problem often created compound effects that they had to fix.

Don't half-ass it.
Do it right the first time.