201: Work less, do more

Early in my career, I was addicted to work. I poured in 60-70 hour weeks on the regular and took pride in the amount of time that I spent working.

And today, I still see others who take pride in how much they work.

But here is something that I have learned... working more hours doesn't help you get more done.

While you may end up completing more tasks, working so many hours blinds you from making decent decisions.

You may do task, after task, after task...

But then when it comes time to make a strategic decision, you make a less than optimal decision that will end up creating a ton more tasks!

By bogging yourself down with the detail work, you fail to see the big picture.

It's kind of like that old jungle analogy.

Your tasks are all the weeds you're cutting through... but who says you are even going in the right direction?

Today, I work fewer hours than I ever have before, yet my businesses are achieving new levels greater than they ever have before.

It's not because I am working harder.
It's because I am working less and making smarter decisions.

If you want to get more done, cut back how many hours you work.