202: Give yourself a break

Whenever you find yourself facing a mental challenge at work, it's tempting to lean in and work more.

We struggle to solve the problem, and so our mind just keeps wanting to think about the problem.

Yet when we find ourselves in a state of obsessive thoughts of trying to answer something that we cannot solve, or finish something that needs more time... this is what we must watch out for.

In these moments where our work moves from a natural pace, to one where we are pushing forward, despite deep resistance... in this place you must be careful.

Sometimes you really are overcoming "the resistance."

But other times, you are pushing against a natural pace.
You are overworking yourself, and you are about to start making bad decisions.

When you hit these moments of "pushing," instead of having work feel "natural," then I encourage you to take a break.

Enjoy your weekend.
Read some fiction.
Go for a walk.
Spend time with family.

Getting your head totally away from the work for a few days is often the best thing you can do to clarify the work in your mind.