207: Build for profitability now

There is a mindset in the startup and entrepreneurship world that seems to make it ok to run an unprofitable company..

You sacrifice short-term profits in exchange for the opportunity to sell your business down the line.

While you want to think about selling your business early, putting that as the sole payday for you is a dangerous game to play.

What if the market takes a turn?
What if technology disrupts you?
What if you never get to sell your business?

Instead, you have to choose to make your business profitable now.

You must learn to analyze your finances.
You must make smart economic decisions.

And if you sell your business someday, consider that a bonus.
But in the short-term, build for profitability now.

If you build a profitable business today, it will be more attractive to a buyer.

Stop building for a future payday.
Start building for profitability today.