210: Don't let others distract you

I pissed someone off recently... It was an influencer who interviewed me on their podcast. Then they started sharing my social posts.

They did this over the course of a few months as they built a relationship with me.

Then... they pitched me to be a guest on my podcast.

They did a great job with this. It wasn't a cold pitch and they had built a relationship. They had given before they asked.

And in that moment, I felt this gut reaction to say "yes" because they had put so much work leading up to this ask.

But here is the thing... It's a distraction.

That request is someone else putting their agenda on my desk.

I have a plan of action for my podcast, and I am in process of executing it. This request from this influencer does not fit into the agenda.

So I turned them down and that pissed them off because of "reciprocity."

Here is the thing.

You don't owe anyone anything.
Don't let people make you feel obliged to include them because they give first.
And don't let others distract you from your vision & plan.

Your inbox is a to-do list that anyone can add an item to.
Recognize that and don't let people distract you.