212: Keep showing up

How did Seth Godin become Seth Godin?
How did Nathan Barry build such a success with ConvertKit?
How did Basecamp become such a successful company?

While you could point to millions of small factors, there is one consistent among them all.

They kept showing up.
They kept pushing forward and striving toward their goal.

At times, they may have lost sight of their goal, but eventually they found themselves back on track.

And their success didn't happen over months, or even a year or two...

It happened over years... in most cases, 5-10 years or more.

During the span of their career, thousands of copy cats sprung up, had a run, and gave up... but these icons still remain.

Stop dashing about.
Stop running from tactic to tactic.

Pick where you want to go and take a step toward that each and every day.
Stop rushing.
Aim for the long game and keep showing up.