217: Don't hire for experience

One of the biggest mistakes that I made early on in building was hiring for experience. Logically, it makes sense to hire someone with experience in your businesses area of focus.

You assume they will ramp up quicker.
You assume they will perform better.
You assume they are the best choice.

But rarely is that the case...

Instead, here is really what happens.

They fail to fit with the culture because you chose the experienced hire over the best attitude.
They have their own ways of doing things, and so they push back on your approach.
They have an attitude of superiority which creates a negative dynamic among the team.
And they tend to be more expensive...

So if hiring for experience is not the case for most hires, then what is?

Attitude & Culture fit.

If someone has the right attitude that gels with your culture, then you can lead them and train them on just about anything.

There are limitations to that as you can't just turn an admin into a designer overnight. But within reason, you can coach most intelligent people who have the right attitude into whatever role you need them for.

Hire for attitude, not for experience.