220: Your stories are BS

For my entire life I told myself I am not a musician.
Yet in a matter of 3 months, I learned piano and produced my first electronic track.

All it took was for me to realize that my stories are self-made limitations that I put on myself.

These stories are rooted in your childhood.

When I was in middle school, I brought home a French horn and my dad got annoyed at me practicing. So I didn't practice and believed I was a bad musician.

Not practicing = Not playing well = A story I tell myself that I am not a musician

On the flip side, in high school, I had my first sales experience selling ads for my high school newspaper.

I walked into a few businesses and said, "Would you like to buy an ad? Here is a rate sheet."

They said yes because it was super cheap marketing.

Early first sales success = Confidence that I can sell = A lifelong strength as a salesperson

Those early experiences you have in your childhood define you.
The positive or negative feedback you experience the first time you try something sticks with you.

But regardless of whether your first experience was positive or negative...
It's all a story.
And you can change it.