224: More, more, more...

We live in a society obsessed with more.
Buy a Mercedes... oh, but why not a Tesla...
Buy a Tesla... but, oh, why not a Lamborghini...

Our society takes pride in constantly spending more.

We spend more, so we must earn more to match.

But what if we still earned more... but didn't spend more.

According to a study by Gallup World Poll, $105,000 per year in salary is the cutoff for a rise in happiness and a rise in income.

After that, more money shows no effect on happiness.

$105k is enough to buy a reliable car, and to not have to worry about funds. You can live a very comfortable life, worry-free of nearly all financial issues at this level if you are smart with your money.

So why buy the fancy car?
Why spend thousands on new clothes every year?

What if, instead, you gave more money away?
What if you donated money to help others, or a cause you cared about?

Would that bring more satisfaction than a sports car?