226: Talent is grown

Recently, I had one of my team members get poached.

A growing tech company, with way higher margins, swooped in and gave my team member an offer they couldn't refuse.

To some people, this may upset them.
They may get scared because someone is stealing "their talent."

But the reality is that talent is not a scarce thing.

While it's no fun to lose a great team member, it's not the end of the world.

At my companies, we hire people with great attitudes, and then we grow and train them into owning their roles.

People learn and grow in their careers when they come here, and we give many of them opportunities unlike they ever had before.

If I looked at talent as a "scarce resource," then I would be upset when I lost a team member.

Instead, I know that talent is not scarce.
We can hire good attitudes and nurture them into great leaders for their role.

Talent is not scarce.
Talent is grown.