227: What is the real problem you solve?

The problem your business is solving is rarely the real problem the client has...

For example, with Content Allies, I set out to turn consultants into thought leaders through content marketing.

But that's not the real problem...

Each customer I talk to has their own "real problem."

For many customers, the real problem is I know I need to be doing content, but I just don't do it. I need a system that forces this to happen.

Or they may be struggling to close enough sales, and they need content as a means to build trust with their prospects.

Or they may have something to say, but they struggle with writing. It takes them 8 hours to write a short article.

Each prospect has their own real pain...

My value proposition promises a bigger vision... but to get a customer to move forward, I must really tap into their deepest pains.

That is what compels action forward.
Get clear on the real problem you are solving for each prospect.