229: Understand your customers why

If you want someone to buy from you, you need to deeply understand their why.

No one buys a product or service for what the product is.

They buy it for the outcome it can produce in their life.

"So how do you figure out what that why is?" you ask.

Yesterday, I dug deep with a customer to really understand why they wanted to invest into content marketing for their business and here is the laundry list of reasons that came up.

  • To appear more credible in front of their customers

  • To appear unique and differentiated by sharing their perspective

  • To change the perception of the firm so they can charge for higher value strategic work

  • So they can build an audience to market additional revenue streams to

  • To remove revenue peaks and valleys

  • To increase close rate of existing deals

  • To grow their business to the next level

Content may be what they are buying.
But what they want is all of these results.

Dig deep. Pull these out of your prospects and show them their why. 

This will compel them to action.