230: Agitate your customer's pain

For many businesses, your offer exists in the "nice to have world." There is nothing wrong with this, but for many offers, your solution just is not going to make or break someone's business.

And the further that solution gets away from the money in their business, the less urgent it feels to the customer.

If you are commonly losing deals to no decision, then your solution is not urgent. The customer simply doesn't feel enough pain to make a change.

The ironic thing is that, many times, it is in the customer's best interest to move forward, but they still don't...

So how do you get them to move forward?

You agitate their pain.
You probe with questions to understand why they want this offer.
You ask questions to uncover consequences of not taking action.
You ask questions to uncover the possibility of taking action.

You uncover all of this information, and you bring it front and center for your client.
You get them to say it, and then remind them of that when it is time to make the purchase.

Customers won't move away from the status quo unless they feel pain.
It's your job to agitate that pain and compel them to move forward.