231: Be honest with your team

It baffles me how many entrepreneurs I meet who seem to have this adversarial relationship with their employees.

They try to negotiate their rates down.
They try to hide information from them.
They try to put on a front like they have it all figured out.

Why? What's the point of trying to be a hard-ass boss?

Instead, what if you were open and honest with your team? 

You hide nothing. 
Not the good.
Not the bad.

When you are honest and transparent with your team, then you have nothing to hide.

You are who you are.
And they can trust your word because it is true.

Lying to your team and concealing information is useless.

Be honest.
When you have nothing to hide, you can live in full integrity. 
And when you have nothing to hide, it brings power to your energy every day.