234: Culture is what you do, not what you say

Your company culture is a direct reflection of you as a leader. 

It's not about the values you write down.
Or what you say your culture is.

Your culture is what you live, breathe, and do every day.

Whatever you do, your team will mirror it.

Work 12-hour days? Your team will too.
Have a good work-life balance? Your team will too.

The hard part in this is that you have to look out for even the smallest behaviors that can become habits in your company.

A common one could be ragging on a frustrating customer behind their backs... It's natural to want to complain at times. 

But when you do that in front of your team, then your team starts to do it as well.

And soon it becomes part of the culture and creates a wrong mindset about your customers.

Every action you take as a leader has downstream results to your culture.

Be conscious of what you do.