235: Sales is worth mastering

To many of my audience members, they look at me as someone who "has sales figured out." 

I've published much of my sales process online.
I've shared my call scripts.
And I've been able to hire a salesperson to replace me at Lead Cookie.

Yet, I'm still no master... and I recognize that.

As I ramp up Content Allies, I'm working with Damian Thompson as a sales coach. 

I'm going back to the basics of sales again, and I'm rebuilding my Content Allies process from the ground up.

I'm breaking assumptions that I had, and trying new things to get even better.

I do this because I know that sales is a skill.
It's something that you can always improve at. 
And it is one worth mastering.

Because your ability to sell, and build sales systems, is one of the biggest bottlenecks you will have in growing your company and removing yourself from it. 

So spend the time mastering sales. 
It's a worthy investment. 

Not just for the money.
But for the freedom that mastering these skills can provide.