236: How to structure a 2-call close

For a long time, I always tried to sell all new customers in one single call. 

During 30-60 minutes, I would learn about their business, explain ours, and then close the deal. 

It was a lot to go through very quickly....

But over time, I've learned a new process from Damian Thompson that helps not only from a time management standpoint, but from a trust standpoint.

Use 2 calls...

On Call 1 - Keep it to 30 minutes and focus on discovery. Focus 100% on understanding the client, their needs, motivations, and pain points. 

Keep talking about yourself to a minimum and end the call by saying, "So I want to think this over and then come back to you with some thoughts on how we could help."

On Call 2 - Repeat back the customer's pain points, motivations, and objectives to show you heard and understand them.

Show them how you can alleviate their pains, and then connect that all to the solution you are providing. 

Then explain your offering and ask for a commitment.


2 calls builds trust as your sales process is split over time.
It feels more natural and less rushed.
And I've already seen results since implementing.