237: Show your prospect consequences

When I started selling Lead Cookie, it was honestly so easy. 

Lead generation is one of the most in-demand services. 
It's close to the money.
And, as a result, it's quite easy to sell.

But as I shifted my time over to sales for Content Allies, I found that I was faced with a challenge...

Content isn't a priority. It's a long-term investment. 
As a result, the inevitable delay of deals, or the response “We can revisit this in a few months,” would be the objection.

As I've learned to optimize my sales process from Damian Thompson, one thing became very clear...

I need to show my prospects the consequences.

What are the consequences of not investing in content?
What deals will they lose due to lack of trust and credibility?
What referrals won't happen because you they are not top of mind?
What speaking engagements won't happen due to lack of credibility?

The key is to paint the picture of these consequences in the sales process so the customer can see it.

This compels them to action. 
Show your prospects consequences.