239: Your competition is status quo

A lot of entrepreneurs in business find themselves in a mindset of competition. 

They want to be better than other companies or they fear losing out to the competition.

But the truth is, direct competition is rarely the case in business.

Sure you may go up against a competitor from time to time.

But for most small businesses, your biggest competitor is the status quo.
It is the prospect who chooses to do nothing.
Or the prospect who decides to go a completely different direction.

You didn't lose the job to someone who was faster or cheaper.
You lost because you couldn't convince the prospect of the importance of this work.

This is your duty as a sales person.
To show them the consequences of their inaction and to persuade them into action.

You do this NOT in a manipulative way. 
But instead you do it because you sell with integrity and believe that action forward is the best path for the customer.

Your competition is not other businesses.
Your competition is the status quo. 

(Props to Damian Thompson's great sales training for this nugget)