244: Time objections

One of the biggest obstacles that delays many sales from happening is the "not right now" delay.

Someone may be interested, they may take a call, and even look at your proposal or pricing...

And then they say, "Maybe next quarter?"

For many of us, we just roll over and add a follow-up note to our CRM whenever this happens... And sometimes they actually do come back, but often they don't. 

So instead, try this approach that I picked up from Damian Thompson.

When someone says, "not right now," respond with this question.

"What is going to change between now and 90 days from now that will make it a better time?"

They may have a legitimate response to this answer. If that is the case, then that is great and you have more information.

But others may be dumbfounded by it because their rejection isn't real. It's just a response to get you to go away.

This question helps you gain more information from great prospects, and also weed out those who aren't serious.