245: Building Productized Services

Each time you start building a productized service, it starts out chaotic.

You sell a few people onto a vision, but it's not until you actually start delivering that you see all of the problems.

So you deliver on these first few customers, but you also learn a ton along the way.

You learn where you need to set boundaries.
You begin to see faults that could prevent this from scaling.
And you begin to see just all of the nuance involved in delivery.

But the important thing to realize is that you can't know all of this up front.

With a productized service, you just sell the vision without really knowing exactly how you will deliver.

Sure you put some thought into the delivery to make sure it's feasible. 

But you don't work out every detail.
You just sell it, then figure it out as you go.

The first few customers will be chaotic and unprofitable. 
But each time you put a customer through the system, you learn and you optimize.

And over time, your productized services becomes a machine that runs on its own.