246: Recognize what is not in your control

Stressed? Angry? Pissed off?

Take a moment and step back. 

Ask yourself a simple question.

Is the source of my frustration something that I can control?
Or is the source of my frustration an external person or event that I cannot control?

If you can control the situation, then take action to fix the situation.

But in many cases, the things that stress or anger us are not in our control. They are people, events, circumstances, or situations that we have no impact over. 

Yet we let these things stress us out. We let other people make us angry.

So what do you do when something outside of your control makes you angry or stressed?

You recognize that, while you cannot control the trigger of your stress, you can control your reaction.

You choose to be angry.
You choose to let something stress you out.

If an action will improve the situation, take action.
If not, recognize that the only action you can take is the choice not to let it get to you.