247: Pricing to build trust

Used cars salesmen... it is the quintessential term that everyone hates when they think of sales. 

Now why is that?

It's because of the sleazy negotiating tactics that they use. 
It's the back and forth bargaining over price. 
It's the fact that you are battling them for a deal, instead of working together toward compromise. 

On the flipside, look at the CarMax model. 
They'll say, "Here is our lot of cars.
The price is on the window. 
We have a 90-day guarantee these cars are of good quality."
There is no negotiating. 

Think about how different that buying experience is. 

No sleaziness. Just honesty and standing behind their product. 

Most service businesses make up pricing on the spot. They try to swindle the customer out of as much money as possible.

Consider a different approach. 
Publish standard pricing. 
Don't negotiate. 

It will do wonders to build trust with your prospects.