248: Don't discount ad hoc

Negotiating during your sales process is common practice for many companies. 
But it's often not the actual best way.

It takes time.
It takes energy.
And if often creates an adversarial relationship with the customer.

But you can't avoid it. Some people are committed to trying to negotiate at every purchase they make. 

So what do you do?

Create standard discounts that are thought out in advance. (Picked up this tip from Damian Thompson's sales program.)

Discounts based on how long they commit.
Discounts based on payment upfront or ongoing.
Discounts for agreeing to be used as a future case study.
Discounts for purchasing multiple services.

The key is to create standard discounts and not just negotiate ad hoc.

If someone asks for a better price, you have a response.
You have multiple paths to get them to a better price, but these paths also ensure that you get something more out of the negotiation as well.

And since you are not negotiating custom, there is less chance of resentment after the deal. 
You give them a discount, and you get something in return.

Don't discount ad hoc.
Build standard discounts you can always turn to.