249: Ask for referrals

If there is one obvious lead generation channel that I have done poorly at, it's referrals.

While my businesses naturally get word-of-mouth referrals, I can admit that I have historically done a poor job of actually asking for them. 

While working through sales training with Damian Thompson, he hit on a few things that made this much simpler for me.

First off, your customer is the happiest at the moment they make the purchase. 

As odd as it is to ask for a referral before delivering value, this is often one of the best times to ask for a referral to someone else who could be a good fit.

Second, you should also look to ask for referrals after any big "Aha!" moments or any "Big wins" for the prospect. 

This should happen within the first 30 days at your first delivery of real value. And then it can happen based on key wins after that.

But the lesson is simple....

Build asking referrals into your process. 
Don't leave it to chance or you won't ever ask.