250: What is enough?

Entrepreneurs are unique. There is no ceiling to what we are capable of, no limit to our income, no cap to our dreams.

While that is great, it is also dangerous.

Entrepreneurial culture breeds this mindset of "more, more, more!" 

Bigger houses.
Faster cars.
Nicer clothes...

It seems that any entrepreneur I see with success develops their taste for spending right along with their ability to earn... 


Really stop and ask yourself if all of that extra spending is making you happy.

What if, instead of spending more, you donated more?
What if, instead of earning more, you took more time to focus on interests other than business?
What if, instead of pouring more time into business, you cut your work time in 1/5th and invested more time with your family?

The American way is to work more, more, more... 

But it's worth stopping to ask "What is enough?"

It's worth asking "Do I really need all of this? Or is there another way?"