251: How to use your CRM

Recently, I was doing some sales training with Damian Thompson where he shared some simple philosophies for how to set your CRM deal stages.

This may sound pointless at first, but in fact, there is massive value when you see how it turns into a system.

Damian shared two approaches to CRM systems.

1 - Each stage of the CRM is correlated to an action that you or the prospect is taking
2 - Each stage correlates with the prospect's journey through their decision process

For the sake of simplicity, let's look at 2

These stages could be:

New Lead
Discovery Call
Presentation Stage

The reason that this approach is helpful is that you can then set up your CRM to run automations each time a deal moves to a new stage.

When a discovery call goes well, you move the deal to presentation stage and a series of automations, tasks, and proposal templates can be generated which save time across a high volume of deals.

Having a CRM is great.
Learning to use one effectively is even better.