254: The world is becoming more addictive

"The world will get more addictive in the next 40 years than it did in the last 40." - Paul Graham

This quote is an interesting one to think about. 

Years ago, our biggest addiction fights were nicotine, alcohol, and drugs... 
Today, we fight addictions to cell phones, social media, Netflix, porn, work, video games, and more...

The creators of today's technology products are brilliant. They have studied psychology at a deep level and know how to trigger your brain's emotions at levels without even having a substance enter your body.

And because there is no external substance entering our body, these addictions are easier to form but harder to recognize. 

This means two things.

First, as an entrepreneur, you must recognize you are battling with a competition creating addictive products. Some use these skills for good, others for evil. But you must recognize that this is part of your world now.

Second, as a human, you must recognize the world you live in.

You must learn to guard yourself from these addictive products. 
You must see when they serve you, and when they harm you. 

It's not going to get any easier. The psychological tactics used will only advance and develop in the future.

Guard your mind.
Guard your habits.