225: Sculpt your life

My life, these days, is absolutely incredible.

The freedom I have over my time
The personal relationships I have
The companies I have built
The amazing teams that run them
The income that I am making
The fulfillment that comes from it all

Yet, this did not happen by chance. I did not "hit the jackpot" with some brilliant business idea.

Instead, I sculpted this life.

Everyday, I removed things that did not serve me.

And every day, I kept focusing on the things that brought me closer to the man I desired to be.

Day by day, month by month, and year by year, my life transformed itself.

You don't build an amazing life with a fast sprint or some brilliant moment.

You build an amazing life by sculpting it.

Stripping away everything that is not serving you...

Until all you're are left with is the amazing life you always desired.