255: What is your customer strategy?

So many entrepreneurs get caught up in sales & marketing. They spend all their time thinking about how they are going to win new customers.

But what if you took some time to step back and, instead, focus more time and energy on serving the ones you have?

Think about how to make the experience they have amazing.
Think about how you could offer them more services over time.
Think about how you could "Wow!" them so they tell their friends.

It's fun and sexy to look at sales and marketing all day.
But in reality, you can probably make a bigger impact on your business by looking at those who you are already working with-

By building core steps and experiences in your service delivery that delight and amaze your prospect.
By figuring out how to make your product or service even better and more valuable.

My friend, Nils Vinje of Glide Consulting, has started using the term "Customer Strategy" to really hammer this point home.

How can you grow revenue from your customer base?
How can you build a strategy that farms more from what you have, instead of just hunting for something new?