257: Email & depression

Does checking your email make you depressed?

In a study at the Missouri University of Technology & Science, 216 participants agreed to have their internet usage anonymously monitored for a full year.

At the end of this study, the analysts compared the internet usage data of those who had utilized the University counseling services for depression versus those who did not.

One surprising conclusion... very high email usage correlated with depression.

Other depressive behaviors included chatting, watching online videos, and video gaming.

While the study is small and not all inclusive, it does point to some simple signals. 

When we turn to our digital devices for a desire of connection, or importance, it often will leave us unsatisfied.

Instead, turn to the real world.
To those around you.

That is where real connection will come from and, in that connection, you will find happiness. 

And check less email... science says so. 🙂