018: Competition is motivation

For years, I worked out on my own. I would run, or lift or exercise all alone. 

And in that exercising I would "push myself to my limits" at times. 

Or so I thought...

Eventually, I joined up to a Crossfit gym where the workouts are in group format. 

And something awoke in me. 
After I got comfortable with the movements, I started finding myself pushing myself to entirely new levels.

I pushed myself to be faster than the person next to me. 
Or stronger than the person next to me.

At times, this could get unhealthy as it's to focus too much on others.
But in many ways, this competition against others awoke an entirely new level of intensity I never knew I had. 

Competition isn't a bad thing. 
It can become a motivator to drive you to entirely new levels of output. 

017: Plan before you create

For years, I jumped from business idea to business idea.
Some brilliant idea popped in my head and then I just started working on it. 

And then a few weeks or months later, it would die or I would give up on it.

But over time I began to see trends across my businesses that were successful, and those that failed.

It was that I chose to actually plan on the front end. 
I actually stopped and gave myself time to think things through.

Before starting Lead Cookie, I spent roughly 3 weeks in the planning phase as I decided on what business opportunity I would pursue.

Those 3 weeks of planning set the course for what became my most successful business yet.

Note that I said 3 weeks of planning, and not 3 months.

It is easy to get caught up in this phase and plan forever.
Eventually you must create. 

But for many creators like myself, skipping that planning phase is often the downfall of what could have been some of our best work.

Plan before you create. 
It's worth it. 

016: Problems at home mean problems in business

Several years ago I was part of an EO Chapter for a period of time. I met lots of great people there, but there was one trend I saw across many of the business owners.

They had a "Successful" business but were divorced and miserable. 

You see, they had built their lives and their businsses in this unsustainable way. 

They put their business before everything, and as a result many sabotaged their personal life, and then turned to alchohol to numb the pain. 

But there were a few other entrepreneurs who I met. These were the ones who seemed to "have it figured out"

They were happily married and appeared to have these great relationships with their families.
And ironically, these were the entrepreneurs who continued to crush it year after year, even when I left the chapter. 

Many entrepreneurs think that business comes first, and if they can just build a better business, then they can focus on their family.

But the opposite is true...

First, build a strong foundation with your partner and your loved ones. That foundation becomes the basis for which you can build an incredible business.

Life fuels business. 
It's not the other way around. 

015: The age of mass customization

For years, business books have taught us to reduce customization in favor of systemization. 

They told us to ignore the edge cases, and build for the average.

And for years, that worked because we had no other choice.

But times are changing.

Technology, the internet and the ease of accessing more options is changing this game.

Mass production is no longer the goal.
Instead, we are in the age of mass customization.

Because buyers are fed up with one-size-fits all approaches. 

And instead, if you can see them for who they are, and build a system that can customize at scale... that is when you have the competitive advantage. 

It's not about building the perfect system with no variability.
It's about building a system that can produce customization and personalization at scale.


Another shout out to Seth Godin's great podcast Akimbo for this inspiration - https://www.akimbo.me/blog/episode-3-i-see-you-no-more-square-tomatoes 

014: Take a morning dump (mentally)

Every morning I take a dump... in both a literal and figurative sense.
I drink my coffee and...
But I also sit down every morning and I journal (aka my mental dump).

I open up a blank page on my computer, and I start writing. I start getting my ideas, my thoughts and my emotions on paper.

This is a practice I learned years ago from Julia Cameron's "The Artists Way" and it is still a practice that I follow today.

It's a way to clean the slate and get your emotions and thoughts out of the way so that you can focus on the actual work of the day.

It's a place for you to talk through decisions and challenges you are facing in your head. 

It's a place for you to talk with yourself and get yourself out of the way.

Everyday, I wake up and I take that mental dump.
And as a result, I enter my day with significantly more clarity and focus. 

013: Marketing is about status

Anytime we make a purchase, status comes into play.

When we hire the premium provider, we do it out of status.
When we buy new clothes, we do it to obtain status.
When we buy the latest iPhone, we do it not for the features, but for the status.

Because when we lack status, we feel shame. It is in our nature.

And marketers have tapped into this.

Ever so subtly, they create this element of status in marketing, and in doing so, we feel shame if we don't partake.

Shame at our lesser clothing.
Shame at our old phone.
Shame at not being able to afford the best vendor.

Good marketers know that shame is an important emotion that presses us into action.

So be aware when a marketer is making you feel shame.
And consider how you can ever so subtly use shame in your marketing to pull someone into a place of higher status with you.

Thank you to Seth Godin for your new Akimbo episode which was the source of inspiration for this post - https://www.akimbo.me/blog/episode-2-status-roles 

012: Meditation Boosts Productivity

For years, I tried to keep a regular meditation habit... but it would always fall by the wayside when "things got busy"

Yet, over the past 10 months, I have gotten very serious about my meditation practice. 
And over the past 10 months, I have had some of the busiest weeks of my life. 
But I still kept meditating... 

Because here is what I learned... 

When you meditate daily, your productivity skyrockets. 

Even though it may feel like you are "wasting time", it is actually the exact opposite.

If you spend 10-20 minutes meditating in the morning DAILY, over time you will begin to experience this clarity and calmness in your mind. 

This helps you become much more conscious of distractions.
This helps you stop your emotions from getting in the way of your work. 
This helps you produce at a higher level. 

If you want to get more done, spend 10-20 minutes every morning doing nothing. 

It's the ultimate productivity hack. You just have to actually do it daily.

011: What got you here, won't get you there

For the past 4 months, I have been practicing Spanish daily. 
I practiced from a textbook daily, listened to podcasts, and watched Spanish TV. 

Yet when I actually got down to Mexico, I was hit with the harsh reality of actual conversation. 

Despite how much I practiced, I would find myself dumbfounded anytime someone spoke to me in Spanish. 

While I could speak and communicate decently, I could not comprehend. 

I was at a plateau.

What I had been doing got me to a place of writing and communication, but it failed to prepare me for comprehension.

So I hired a Spanish teacher, and we sat there and practiced conversation.
I practiced listening to her.

And within a matter of weeks, my comprehension levels drastically improved. 
I started having actual two way conversations in Spanish. 

What got you here, won't get you there. 

When you hit a plateau, you have to change what you are doing to grow past it. 

Where are you hitting a plateau in your business, health, relationships, or personal growth? 

010: Food fuels production

For years, I ate whatever I felt like. I had no routine, and no set diet. 
I just tried to "eat healthy" as often as I could. 

And for years, I failed to see a connection between what I ate, and how I felt.

But over time, as I refined my diet down to a science, I learned an important lesson. 

Food is fuel. 

If I eat unhealthy foods, I will feel groggy, tired and weak. 
Unhealthy foods dampen my ability to produce at work and ultimately reduce my output.

If I eat healthy food, I feel energized, invigorated, and fueled to produce. 
Healthy foods fuel my ability to produce and maximize my output. 

This sounds obvious and simple, yet for many people it is a concept they have never even considered. 

I know because for 25 years, I never considered it. 

Food is fuel. 

If you want to produce at a higher level, give your body the fuel it needs. 

009: Value exists in the minds of men

Wrapped around a finger on my left hand is a wedding ring. 
This ring is made of gold and white gold. 

If you were to walk into a jeweler and buy this exact ring, it would cost you roughly $1,400. 

It would cost that because the "markets" which are made up of all of the men and women in the world, have determined the the value of these materials is roughly $1,400.

Yet, if you were to ask me the value of this ring... That would be a different story.

This ring is not just made of gold, it is made of gold from my grandfathers jewelry. 

This ring is not just a ring, it signifies my love and commitment to my wife.

To me, the value of this ring is worth far more than $1,400. 
If I lost it, I would pay far more to get it back. 

Value does not just exist in gold and materials.
Value is created in the minds of men. 

The property itself has no value without people.
Human perception creates value. 

008: Fitness Impacts Your Finances

For the first 9 years of my entrepreneurial career, I neglected my body. 
I told myself that I "didn't have time to work out" because I was so busy with work. 

And so for 9 years, my body was weak and unhealthy.

Yet here is the ironic thing... 

It was about 1 years ago near the start of Lead Cookie that I committed to exercising on a daily basis. 

I made the commitment, and I made time to make it happen.

And here is the ironic part...

Even though I was and am more busy now than I as then, I still workout.

Why do I do it?

Because your body can be either an anchor, or a an asset in your life. 

If you neglect your body, your energy is low and your body will hold you down from bringing full energy to your work.

If you treat your body like an asset, then your body will generate power and energy that lets you bring your full self to work.

Your body is an asset. 
Invest in it.  

007: Turn life into a game

Growing up, I loved playing video games because there is always a scoreboard and a way to know if you are winning. 

Yet, as you get older and go through life, you often have no idea if you are "winning". 

And so with no "scoreboard" to our life, we just wander about and have nothing pushing us toward improvement.

Unless we build our own scoreboard...

Bookmarked on my browser is my "Personal Dashboard"

This is an excel spreadsheet that I used to track that which is most important to me. I use this to put metrics to my daily habits and actions.

Did I work out today?
Did I meditate today?
Did I write a letter to my wife today?
Did I study something new?
Did I teach what I learned to others?
What is my weight?

These are a few examples, but I track many more items. 

The purpose of measuring all of these is simple...

To turn life into a game. 

Because when all of my metrics are green, I know I am winning.

And when my metrics start to fall behind, it's time for me to level up. 

006: Be your own mentor

For years, I looked for mentors, coaches, and answers to all of my problems outside of myself.

I read book after book.
Watched video after video.
Interviewed leader after leader.

Each time, I was looking for someone with the answers. 

And eventually, I did hire a coach and mentor, and even today I have joined programs for ongoing coaching and mentorship.

But here is what I learned...

Your mentors don't have the answers.
YOU have the answers. 

When I worked with these smart coaches and mentors, they didn't tell me what to do, or give me all the answers.

They simply shined a mirror back on me, and gave me the confidence and certainty that I could make the decisions on your own. 

Stop looking outside of yourself for the answers to your problems.
You have all of the answers inside of you. 
You simply must become certain and confident in yourself. 

005: To grow your business, grow yourself

15 months ago, when I started Lead Cookie, I was an entirely different man. 

I was weaker, naive, inexperienced, a poor leader, and ignorant on how to really grow a business. 

And through the process of building Lead Cookie, I hit walls. 

In the past, when I was trying to launch a new business, those walls stopped me in my tracks, and I never experienced more growth.

But this time I was armed with a new revelation...

If I wanted to grow this business, I had to grow as an individual.

So everyday, I committed myself to studying a book surrounding, business, marketing and sales... 

And everyday I started to share what I learned in these Linkedin posts. 

Through that daily practice, and several others that I started to follow, I grew and elevated as a man, an entrepreneur, and a leader. 

A wise mentor once told me "Your business is a reflection of you."

If you are not growing, your business will not either. 

004: Daily Power

Every morning, I wake up and hit the same morning routine. 
But this routine has a purpose...

It is not just about building some positive habits.

The routine is about building power so that I am energized and charged up for my day.

If you took my routine away from me, I would be groggy, tired, and angry throughout my day.

The purpose of my routine is to clear the deck of all of that shit, and to put me in a powerful mental place as I enter my day.

I do that routine every day, including weekends. 

Because every day, I want to be alert and in the best mental place I can be, including when I am not working and instead spending time with my family. 

Morning routines are not just cute things that sound nice to do.
They are essential habits that put you in a place of power so that you can command your day. 

003: Make a decision

"You don't have a problem, you have a decision to make" - Garrett J. White

What keeps you up at night?
What is the biggest thing stopping you from achieving your goals?
Where do you find yourself unclear and uncertain?

Whenever you find your in this spot of lacking certainty on how to get what I want, the next step is clear.

Make a decision. 

You see, lack of decision means lack of commitment. 
Lack of commitment leads to lack of clarity. 
Lack of clarity leads to a lack of confidence. 

So if you want to feel clear and confident about your path forward... then figure out where you are not making a decision, and freaking make it. 

For me, I was unclear about my business future. I knew I wanted to start another business, but when and what has been this ambiguous thing in my mind for months and months. 

Then I made a decision... April 1st, 2019. That is when I will START working on launching my next business. Not a day sooner, not a day later.

In making that decision, I have found clarity and confidence. 
But that first started with committing to a decision.

Where in your life are you not committing to a decision? 

002: Learning without action

Everyday we learn things. 

From books.
From content.
From experiences.

Yet if we are not intentional, much of that learning just goes in one ear and out the next.

In order to actually learn and reinforce that concept, we must take action on it. 

We must pull an insight or revelation from our learning, and then figure out how to apply that to something in our life our business.

When we do this, we begin to live what we learn. 
As a result, the concepts we learn are heavily reinforced in us, and we retain more information.

And if we do this on a daily basis, then we are taking daily actions based on what we learn.

Learning without action is useless.

For whatever you learn next, try to take that insight and immediately put it into action in the next 48 hours.

001: Lessons don't just come from business books

For many years, I just looked to business books and thought leaders to learn more about business. But recently I discovered a better place to find business insights...

You see, every day in life, we learn lessons.

That lesson could be in the gym, in our marriage, in a relationship we have, or in the practice of a hobby.

And every time we learn a lesson in one aspect of our life, you can look to see how that lesson applies to business.

For example, I have been practicing Spanish for 4 months now. My routine daily has looked pretty much the same. Although when I actually arrived in Mexico, I realized that while I could speak, write and read decently, my comprehension was terrible.

So I was plateauing and I learned that to grow, I needed to change my learning routine to add live conversation to my daily practice.

Now, I can take that same lesson and ask "Where am I plateauing in business, and I need to change my daily actions to create growth?"

For me, it involves leaning in and training a new strategist so I can free up a significant portion of my time and elevate as a businessman.

What lesson have you learned lately outside of business that can apply directly to your business?

000: What is the Daily?

"If you can't teach, you can't live it." - Garret J. White, Founder of Wake Up Warrior

9 months ago, I started a practice inspired by the Wake Up Warrior Program. 

Every day I study and learn something new. 
And every day, I teach what I learn to others.

Because when you teach something others, it reinforces the ideas and concepts into your own mind. 

Instead of just becoming a passive reader, you become an active teacher and you absorb much more of what you actually consume.

Instead of reading to get more pages in, you begin to read for revelations to teach others.

So 9 months ago, I began sharing these lessons in the form of daily Linkedin posts. 

But over time I had people start to comment and say "This should be a blog post" 
Or I would write something quite powerful that I wanted to remember myself and never forget. 

Yet when all of my posts are just living on Linkedin's news feed, they have a short lifespan, and Linkedin could delete them at a moments notice.

That is why I am creating The Daily as a blog on my website. 

Short daily revelations taught in less than 1,200 characters. 

Join me on the journey.
And I encourage you to start a practice like this on your own. 
It has the power to change your life.