The best sales advice I ever received

One of my sales mentors once shared a very simple piece of advice with me.

It’s so simple, it seems almost stupid when you first look at it. 

But yet, I can relate almost every gap of work in my history of consulting down to this simple concept. 

And time and time again, I find myself sharing this information with clients who seem to be struggling to keep their sales pipelines full. 

The advice:

Activity turns into leads.
Leads turn into opportunities. 
Opportunities turn into deals. 
Get active.

It seems like such an obvious thing, yet many of the companies I consult with fail to stay active, and don’t realize it until their pipeline is running dry until they hit a gap with out clients.

Sales activity is like exercising.  If you want your company to be healthy with a steady flow of sales, then you need to do it all the time, not just when you feel like it. 

Get active.