My name is Jake Jorgovan. I am an entrepreneur, a creative, and a writer. I recently launched my first book The Focused Creator.

I have started companies that became wildly successful and I have also started companies that became complete failures.  

After several years chasing the American Dream, I gave it all up, and built a simple life that allowed me to work remotely and travel the world.

I publish a weekly inspirational newsletter about entrepreneurship, creativity and living an amazing life.

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Jake Jorgovan - Entrepreneur

Jake Jorgovan - Entrepreneur

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Its here. 

My first eBook.

Please enjoy The Focused Creator

Right now, I am living and working remotely in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 

The goal of this post is to explain to you how I designed my life to work remotely, and to inspire you to do the same.  

It has been proven over and over again than when we write down our goals, we are significantly more likely to accomplish them.

In light of this fact, I have been utilizing the method described below over the past several years to plan out my future, and achieve it.

Yes, that is correct. I am moving to mexico. I did not commit a crime, and I am not joining the cartel. Instead...

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Over the course of my career I have started companies, left them, and failed at others. I have invested time, energy and money into each of those with little to nothing to show for them years later.

All of the time, money and energy that I put into those companies yielded me little to no long term gain.

But there is one investment that has been worth every penny and every second. ...

Over the past six months I have several huge mistakes with the marketing, niching and positioning of my consulting practice.

While I made these mistakes early on, recently I struck gold.

My goal with this post is to share three massive mistakes I made in the past six months while launching my consulting practice in hopes that you won’t make the same.

Even if you don’t have a company, everyone is a marketer. You are at minimum, a marketer of themselves.

My goal with this post is to explain the importance of marketing and help redefine it in your mind.

This is a project I have subtly been thinking about for the past few months and I am excited to finally announce it and share it with this world. 

My goal with this post is to share with you my project for Quarter 2 and also inspire you to jumpstart your own.

Over the past four months, I had a major change in my mindset. I had a major change in how I viewed my career and my life.

My goal with this post is to share with you a small mindset change that I have recently made in my life.