Accepting Failure

For quite a while, I have been pretty silent with my online presence. I stopped blogging, I stopped posting to Facebook, I stopped going out. While I would love to say it was because I was so busy with my amazing success, that was not the case.

The truth is, I failed this year. Telehealth PT is officially dead. I tried to do something new and I failed. 

For a while, this was very hard for me to accept, I had just come from the success of my previous venture and I felt horrible about failing. I felt disgraced.

I kept trying to make it work, even though I knew it was not going to work. I kept trying to fight the fear of failure. 

Beyond anything about business, what I learned this year is to be true to myself. When I left Rabbit Hole, I had an amazing opportunity to partner with an investor who was willing to invest in this startup. I felt like the opportunity would be something I would always regret if I passed it up, so I dove in.

I completely changed industries.
bought nice dress clothes,
I put on 
the face of a healthcare entrepreneur.

I am not a healthcare entrepreneur.
As much as I tried to be one, it just wasn't right. 

Ultimately, this mistake was the downfall of the startup. I believe I had a business model that would have worked, I had prospects who wanted the product, I had signed letters of intent. What I did not have was passion for what I was creating. 

I met with mentors who told me to get passionate about the process and get passionate about building a business. I tried this, and I kept lying to myself and pushing onward even though I was unhappy.

I have failed, and I accept that. I realize that this is part of the entrepreneurial process and every successful entrepreneur fails along the way. It is not something to be ashamed of, as long as you are able to learn from it. 

For me, this blog post is a big step. I have finally accepted my failure and I am ready to move onward and build something amazing. 

Stay posted, exciting updates are soon to come. 

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