A simple framework to ask for testimonials

Getting testimonials from customers can be a pain, or kind of awkward at times.

Yet at Lead Cookie, we have built a wall of customer testimonials on our website.

The way that I get these testimonials is simple and below you will find my script.

Testimonial Ask Script:

Hey Jeff,

Would you be open to providing a testimonial about your experience with Lead Cookie?

Below I have actually written one out for you, based on our past conversations, so you can proceed in one of the few ways.

    1. Tell me "No" and that you don’t want to give a testimonial (Seriously, totally fine)

    2. Write up your own testimonial

    3. Approve the testimonial I've written below

    4. Tweak the testimonial below to your liking

"We closed a deal worth over $100k to us in the first two months of working with Lead Cookie. I have several other deals in the pipeline that are still in the works and another two dozen qualified leads I’m working. 

Previously I was attempting to do a similar outreach process myself, but with nowhere near the performance of Lead Cookie. I have been impressed with the results generated so far."

Thanks Jeff and let me know if you have any thoughts or questions. 


Jake Jorgovan
Lead Cookie

That's it. That is all we do. We write a testimonial for the customer and then give them the option to deny, approve, tweak, or write their own.

This makes it super easy on the customer, and 9/10 times they will approve or tweak what you write for them which means that the testimonial will feature exactly what you want it to about your business. 

Previously, whenever I used to just ask for testimonials, I would often get no responses back or the testimonials that I did get were fluffy or missed the point.

This simple framework leads to an almost flawless success rate when asking for testimonials and has helped build our wall of social proof.

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