Announcing Outbound Creative: How to win dream clients through eye-catching outreach

Nearly every agency and freelancer has the exact same problem.

They need more work, better work and cash flow to cover the monthly bills.

Often we turn to strategies like content marketing, thought leadership and paid advertising as means of bringing in leads.

Those strategies are great, but sometimes even those can still leave us dry. 

Agencies and freelancers often overlook one of the most powerful marketing tools.

They overlook outbound marketing.


What is outbound marketing?

Simply put, outbound marketing is the process of going to your prospects with an offer as opposed to waiting for them to come to you. 

Inbound marketing is like fishing. 
You throw your hook into an area where there are good fish and you hope for the best. 

Outbound marketing is like whale hunting. 
You set your sights on the biggest fish in the sea, then you set out on a mission to bring home the whale. 

With Outbound Marketing, you aren't waiting around hoping someone bites on the bait you have set out there. Instead you are actively hunting and searching for your dream clients. 

You are going to them and starting the conversation instead of waiting and hoping they come to you. 


Why should I be utilizing outbound marketing?

When outbound marketing is done properly, the results can be incredible. 

When I ran a video production agency, I ran an outbound campaign targeted on 30 of the top event planners in the USA. That outbound campaign ended up winning us contracts for multiple Fortune 500 corporate events. 

When I was a freelance web designer, I consistently ran outbound campaigns focused on companies with poor websites. That campaign generated over $20k of income in my first year as a freelance web designer.

Outbound marketing works, big or small. 


How can I use outbound marketing to win my dream clients?

After running multiple successful (and unsuccessful) outbound campaigns in my career, I have come to realize what works and what doesn't work. 

As a result, I have put together a process that anyone can go through to build and design their own outbound marketing campaign. 

Learn the process yourself:

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Announcing Outbound Creative: Hire me to help with your outbound marketing

Today I am launching my new business.

Outbound Creative
We help agencies win their dream clients through eye-catching outreach

If you don't have the time or need help with the research, strategy or execution of your outbound campaign then I can help.

My new business is called Outbound Creative and you can learn more about it on our website 

If you are interested in help with Outbound Marketing then shoot me a message through

I am an honest and true believer that outbound marketing is the most under-utilized method of acquiring work for freelancers and agencies.

My hopes are this new business will help creative professionals keep their pipeline full and land their dream clients.

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