The Lead Cookie Sales Playbook: Our Sales Process

In talking with many of my peers and other upcoming entrepreneurs, I have found that most people don't have any sort of real "Sales Process".

They just kind of wing it, or it's all in their head. 

For years, I did this, yet I found that I would screw up sales because I had no clear path or process I was taking the prospect on.

As a result, the prospect would often guide the sales process and conversation and I found myself reacting to them, instead of leading them to the right decision.

One exercise that is incredibly valuable for anyone to do is to document out all of the steps of your sales process. There are plenty of tools you could use to do this, although I found a simple Google Drawing was enough to get it clear in my head. 

Also, having this digitally makes it easy to adjust or change things as you adapt your process.

What you will below is the output of mapping out the Lead Cookie sales process. These are the steps that a lead goes through from initial inquiry, to onboarding call. 

Within this diagram, there are lots of processes, and scripts and details at each stage. 
But those details are useless unless you can first see it from the big picture.

So feel free to swipe this as a base line for your own sales process, and then customize it to your unique offering.

And if you want an editable version of this Google Doc, just fill out the opt-in at the bottom of this post and I will email you a link to an editable Google Drawing so that you can modify this to your own sales process. 

LC Sales Process.png

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